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Fabrics ~ set, yardage, destashed

Posted by phiechie on July 21, 2008

These fabrics come in different types:

1. Dress Material Set: Usually come in 3 different parts for the top/blouse (2.5 m), the bottom part for trousers/skirt (2.5 m) and the stoles (2.25m)

2. Yardage fabric: We stock very few and selected yardage fabric. If you find one to your liking and want more of the same, please PM us and we’ll check with our supplier.

3. Destashed: Which mean what ever left from our stock. Usually come in less than a YARD (1m), so it’s kind of you take it or leave it.

Cotton Silk

This is a set of 3 pieces cloths. Cloths are made from mixed cotton and silk as it is very comfortable to wear to a formal party or events. As we called this Salwar Kameez set and this is come with a red-paisley design top and golden paints along with mixed both design syall. Below are some our new collections, please take a look.


Pure Embriodered Cotton

Pure Embriodered Cotton

Cotton Silk 

Cotton Silk

Pure embroidery cotton

Pure embroidery cotton




Stripe Brocade

Paisley Brocade


Paisley Brocade

Paisley Brocade


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