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Fun Greeting Cards

Posted by phiechie on July 25, 2008

Well, Yesterday was a raining day here… a whole day in fact!

I could not go out for evening walk, so I thought I will do some works on greeting card,

So here they are…only 2 items ..



Fun-greeting card

Fun-quilting card


So.. What do you think?



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Greeting cards collections

Posted by phiechie on July 23, 2008

I really love to make greeting cards in my free time as these are personal and close to people’s heart.  I had developed this creative art when I was young and studying in my university some time years back. I used to sell these cards in a friend’s shop near my campus in Jakarta…, I like floral decorations and have taken part of it for marriages (as my mom does the bride’s & groom’s makeup in our Traditional Central Java style – Indonesia), parties and some festivals at my mom’s home..  

After my graduation, I was busy with office work and didn’t have much time to do progress my hobbies activity again.

After marriage, I saw some friends (housewives also) making good cards, stitching, knitting and embroidery’s works even to sell them out.

And now as a housewife sitting at home, I have been motivated to do the same like you and other great friends on my full-free timed.

So these are some simple cards, which I have made yesterday…

Please take a look…


Card flower
Card flower


Yellow's curlie card
Yellow’s curlie card
SImple - baby girl card

SImple - baby girl card


Simple - Birthday card
Simple – Birthday card

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Birthday card

Posted by phiechie on July 22, 2008

This birthday card is specially made for my dear nephew in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Birthday card for Danni

Birthday card for Danni

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