Welcome to :: Phiechie’s Shop::

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~ Welcome to PhieChie ~

Welcome to PhieChie’s…:)

Thank you for stopping by to our shop.  It’s inspired by our loves and passions.  About the arts, crafts, songs, dresses, etc and also by some friends who are loving India sooo much. Since we love the colorful fashions of INDIA so, you will find here dress materials from different parts of India with it’s different type of embroideries, some handloom products, home decors are natural dying and it’s environment safe..!!, and even for your bundle of joy…

Please take a tour on our site.. and please leave your message below or you may feel free to contact us to this email : phie.chie@gmail.com or contact us thru YM: wulan_hs@yahoo.com or sweet_phi@yahoo.com if you have anything that interest you.

Happy looking and shopping!! and Come Again…;)

Phie & Chie


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